Perfect offer What to do without creditworthiness?

Creditworthiness is one of the most important elements when establishing cooperation with retail banks or parabanks, although in the second segment customer service is approached in a slightly more liberal way. Is there a chance for debt if you do not have good creditworthiness or lack of it?

Lack of creditworthiness is actually a big obstacle

credit problem

In obtaining a convenient cash loan, but even retail banks, after securing the agreement, pay money to borrowers, although at a slightly higher percentage. In the absence of creditworthiness, you have several options. You can use alternative loans, e.g. social loans and the potential of private investors. Secondly, you decide on high loan costs, which regulates the risk from the lender. You go to the non-bank market and choose the so-called loans without BIK. With limited creditworthiness, you usually have to secure the lenders’ interests with fixed assets. This is usually real estate. Creditworthiness is currently serious economic capital. You pay far more than a standard retail banking customer for creditworthiness. The contracts deal with large non-interest costs, as well as with uncertain institutions.

The customer’s creditworthiness is not taken into account at all

credit loan

You get your own multimedia account, a small loan amount to start with and after repayment you automatically gain credibility in the eyes of the lender. This form of cooperation is beneficial for people with maintenance problems, with borrowers with a tragic situation in BIK and BIG. Niche parabanks serve risky, but in fact honest customers who occasionally experience unexpected economic crises. Retail banks automatically reject applications of similar borrowers due to banking law. The retail bank is largely responsible for the stability of the entire credit system in the country, and therefore excessive risk-taking in customer service is not possible. For this reason, risky customers are taken over by a private parabank, mainly online.