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When it comes to so much money, it is crucial to choose the right loan and financing partner. Because even small differences in the interest rate can have a significant impact on the cost of financing. Therefore, no builder or home buyer should prematurely sign a loan agreement with his house bank. It is better to compare conditions of different providers.

In the following, we would like to introduce you to four valuable practical tips that provide practical assistance in finding cheap financing.


Tip 1: Do not compare loan offers on the remaining debt

Tip 1: Do not compare loan offers on the remaining debt

Many prospective borrowers believe that they can easily compare loan offers with the amount of the remaining debt. The basic idea is: the lower the residual debt at the end of the term, the better the loan offer.

But the situation is not quite that simple. Experience has shown that low residual debt amounts are purchased through higher installments. In other words, while the residual debt may be the lowest, it is possible that more money was repaid in aggregate than other forms of financing – including interest charges. It is therefore important to determine and take into account the associated interest costs.


Tip 2: Consider the total cost of financing

Tip 2: Consider the total cost of financing

The cost of financing can be composed of different positions. Depending on the design of the financing by no means only interest costs. Depending on the financing variant, for example, additional closing fees may be due. Accordingly, it is necessary to check which costs are incurred in total and how much they amount to.


Tip 3: Make a comprehensive interest rate comparison

The biggest impact on the cost of financing is usually the interest rate. That’s why it’s important to get as many financing offers as possible and compare their interest rates. This way you can make a good pre-selection of the best loan offers. Afterwards, attention is paid to further financing criteria, which are relevant in individual cases.


Tip 4: Get help from the expert

Tip 4: Get help from the expert

In the field of mortgage lending an interest rate comparison is far from being carried out as quickly as many people suspect. Especially on the Internet, the situation has changed, fewer and fewer banks share their current conditions right away. As a result, collecting the interest can be coupled to a high cost.

That’s why it makes more sense to seek expert help. Our financial advisers can solicit and evaluate loan offers from more than 400 financing partners. For you, as a prospective borrower, this means getting direct access to the best terms. In a jiffy, we have determined which banks, building societies or insurers offer excellent conditions to finance your home.

Incidentally, we are by no means limited to the mere comparison of interest rates. In the first step, we work together with you to design a tailor-made financing. The goal is to find a financing solution that best suits your personal needs. Take advantage of the opportunity and ask without obligation.

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Is the end of the stock boom threatening? – TGI Financial Partner Blog – News and News from the financial world http://www.07658.org/is-the-end-of-the-stock-boom-threatening-tgi-financial-partner-blog-news-and-news-from-the-financial-world/ http://www.07658.org/is-the-end-of-the-stock-boom-threatening-tgi-financial-partner-blog-news-and-news-from-the-financial-world/#respond Wed, 12 Jun 2019 21:08:23 +0000 http://www.07658.org/is-the-end-of-the-stock-boom-threatening-tgi-financial-partner-blog-news-and-news-from-the-financial-world/

The US stock market is buzzing , according to recent surveys by “Investors Intelligence”, equity investors are as optimistic as ever. Even at the turn of the millennium, at the height of the hype surrounding new Internet and technology assets, there were more pessimists on the market. At present, many investors consider stock speculation to be self- perpetuating with guaranteed price gains and hefty dividends . Accordingly, securities speculation in the United States has reached a new record level of approximately $ 445 billion .

The “bullish” sentiment is fueled by two factors: investor confidence in the omnipotence of the central bank and the seemingly positive earnings performance of American companies.


Price increases are based on buybacks

Price increases are based on buybacks

Meanwhile, however, the voices of the stock market experts are increasing, warning of an imminent end of the bull market. They attribute the recent increases in the profits of S & P 500 listed companies not to a real increase in business volume but rather to a reduction in the freely tradable equity offering .

Last year, the company bought from the S & P 500 back own shares worth a total of about 500 billion dollars. Many financed the share repurchase credit, the debt of US companies thus achieved a new high.

While leading US executives continue to be optimistic about the development of the stock market, various inside barometers show a different trend . According to this, the corporate executives privately use the high share prices for the massive sale of their own shares . Obviously, they do not believe in the continuation of the stock market boom.


Current risks for the stock market

stock market

The current forecasts for the development of the world economy predict global growth of 3.7% (Europe + 1% and USA + 2.8%), but the IMF once again bases its forecasts on the unsaturated markets in Asia, Eastern Europe and the US Latin America. However, major emerging economies such as Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia and South Africa are showing signs of serious economic problems . The forecast of the IMF could burst like a soap bubble . Even the Chinese economy is unlikely to grow as dynamically in 2014 as it has in recent years. From the Middle Kingdom threatens a particular threat to the stock markets – a huge credit bubble . It has grown from $ 14,000 billion to $ 23,000 billion in 5 years .

The stock market may be nearing the end of a long bull market, so if you want to get started now, you must take considerable risks . Against this background, the investment in precious metals , such as gold, becomes more interesting again. The gold market has seen massive falls in prices over the past year, with many gold mutual funds completely dumping their shares into the market and putting a price down. If the stock markets crashed in 2014, the demand for gold would skyrocket again, so it might be worth buying gold now.

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The WBA and Its Definition http://www.07658.org/the-wba-and-its-definition/ http://www.07658.org/the-wba-and-its-definition/#respond Fri, 19 Apr 2019 07:07:27 +0000 http://www.07658.org/the-wba-and-its-definition/

The WBA Bank (WBA) is the largest German promotional bank. It was founded in 1948 and reports to the Federal Ministry of Finance. WBA prefers to lend money to homeowners who want to optimize their home in terms of energy efficiency. However, business start-ups, innovative companies and municipalities also benefit from the programs.


Energy-efficient living

Energy-efficient living

Today, WBA subsidies are mainly used in the areas of housing, building and energy. There are various subsidy programs both for the purchase of a property and for the construction or renovation. The home must, however, meet some requirements in order to be considered eligible. Above all, CO2 emissions are only possible to a certain extent and must be below a certain limit. In addition, the general energy consumption should be kept as low as possible. If the property meets the standards, then a low-interest loan of up to 75,000 euros is possible.

The exact amount depends on the specific measure. Thus, the conversion of an existing property to the WBA Efficiency House is supported with just this 75,000 euros. Builders can look forward to a maximum amount of 50,000 euros.

Usually, not all the credit has to be paid off. WBA issues repayment subsidies of up to 18 percent. The interest rate is usually far below the market rate and often below the rate of inflation.


Promotion of students and start-ups


Although WBA’s main focus is on promoting home builders, students and business start-ups can also look forward to low-interest loans .

Students can receive between 100 and 650 euros per month without their own security. And no other citizen is necessary. The first and second studies as well as any doctorates are funded. The repayment then takes place after graduation in flexible and moderate rates . The interest rate is usually slightly above the inflation rate. This is because students do not deposit any collateral and thus WBA must bear a higher default risk.

WBA offers three different programs for business start-ups. Almost all projects that have a well-established business plan will receive a loan of up to € 100,000. No equity is necessary and the interest rate is roughly equal to the inflation rate. Up to 500,000 euros get founders, if they have at least 10 percent equity. The interest rate tends to zero and is therefore also a good alternative for liquid entrepreneurs. Last but not least, it is possible to take up to 10 million euros for a complete solution. The interest rate is below the inflation rate, the eradication is designed for 20 years. However, it should be mentioned explicitly that the project to be realized must be really mature. The loans from WBA will only be awarded if the business plan is absolutely serious and the CV of the young entrepreneur can show good qualifications.

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Mutual Restructuring: Compare Mortgages To Renovate A Home http://www.07658.org/mutual-restructuring-compare-mortgages-to-renovate-a-home/ http://www.07658.org/mutual-restructuring-compare-mortgages-to-renovate-a-home/#respond Thu, 11 Apr 2019 21:27:59 +0000 http://www.07658.org/mutual-restructuring-compare-mortgages-to-renovate-a-home/

The loan for restructuring is a particular type of financing intended for renovation works on a building, for example interventions aimed at energy efficiency. With a mortgage to renovate a home, it is possible to obtain a loan from the bank or credit institution in order to receive the liquidity necessary to carry out the renovation work on the interiors or exteriors of a home.


Restructuring loans differ according to the type of rate

loans rate type

Very similar to mortgages for the purchase of a property, the restructuring loans differ according to the type of rate, fixed, variable or mixed, and their duration can vary from 5 to 30 years. The amount that can be financed, which can reach up to 80% of the value of the house, can be paid in a single payment or during the progress of the work. The second solution is preferable for large works or in any case when the sum is particularly high. Also in this case, as for the loans intended for purchase, the purpose of the loan must be specified.

On the experts side, it is possible to compare online the offers for mutual restructuring of the best banks, requesting a quote in just a few clicks. Within 24 hours you will receive the result of the feasibility request: one of our consultants will contact you personally to provide you with dedicated assistance at every stage of the process, from research to obtaining the loan; in this way, you will be certain that the granting of the loan will take place under the established conditions and within the agreed times


Vote for our service

house renovation

Mutual restructuring: compare mortgages to renovate a house Average rating: 3.8 out of 5 (based on 26 votes)

We ask our users to evaluate the service based on its accessibility, functionality and simplicity. The figure reflects the evaluations given by web users, who have not necessarily received the evaluated service.Experts side added that it does not change the individual’s assessments and does not limit their expression.

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4 Main Reasons Why Someone Debt http://www.07658.org/4-main-reasons-why-someone-debt/ http://www.07658.org/4-main-reasons-why-someone-debt/#respond Tue, 02 Apr 2019 01:45:20 +0000 http://www.07658.org/4-main-reasons-why-someone-debt/

It often seems that we hear people who are beginning to get caught up in financial problems and not far from mounting debt problems. This can have an impact on many things, for example on health conditions that arise due to stress thinking about how to pay off these debts. Based on our identification, there are several main reasons why someone is in debt. Let’s look at one by one:


Family Backbone Loss

Family Backbone Loss

One of the main reasons for getting into debt is when you lose your family’s backbone. Such cases often cause abandoned family members to pay off credit / credit card debt that is still running and not protected by credit insurance. This means that the debt is inherited from alamarhum to the heirs / families left behind.

On the other hand there are also cases that have caused the families left behind to be forced to apply for loans in the form of fresh funds in the form of KTA or credit cards. When families left behind are unable to pay off the debt, again they have the potential to get into debt.


Loss of a job

Loss of a job

Lately, we have often heard about employee disbursement in various well-known companies in Indonesia. This case has the potential to make debtors unable to pay off debts that are still running, making it delinquent and in debt. The solution that you can do to pay off debt is of course by finding a new job, so that it can then be used to pay off outstanding debts.

Affected by a disaster

Affected by a disaster

Other causes a person can be caught in debt for example because of an accident such as an illness or accident. Funds spent on medical expenses are usually quite large, so sometimes people need credit cards to cover these costs. After completing the payment of the hospital, there are still debt arrears that continue to mount due to the credit card used.

Failed Business

Failed Business

Generally, to start a business requires considerable capital, so it is not uncommon for people to use KTA to start their business. Although this is an inappropriate decision, there are still many people who use KTA to start a business, not to develop a business. When the business runs smoothly, often entrepreneurs will slowly be buried in debt piles that often have a large nominal and are hard to pay. 

Solution for your Credit / KTA Debt Problems

Credit experts provides a solution to the credit / credit card debt problems that you have. We will help you negotiate the debt you have with the bank so you can get relief. As a result, you can get more relief and pay off debt so that you can immediately be free of debt and no longer need to be caught in credit card debt / KTA.

The Credit experts team who has experience in this field will ensure you get the best program for paying off your debt. Credit experts’s services also get accredited from IAPDA , an association of international standard debt settlement services. As the first company in Asia to get the accreditation, Credit experts is committed to providing every service with professionals and providing the best quality of service in serving customers.

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